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Occupy Wall Street - The 99% Occupies Wall Street and the Brooklyn Bridge

we are proud to announce that Building Bridges has yet another outstanding Media Competition award for excellence from the International Labor Communication Association (ILCA) for our program, "The 99% Occupies Wall Street and the Brooklyn Bridge"covering the Nov.17 2011 upsurge celebrating the two month anniversay of Occupay Wall Street. The 99% delivered a powerful message that the domination of society by a tiny elite of super-wealthy individuals and corporations who caused the economic crisis and lobby against an effective policies to end it , harnessing government to do their bidding is unacceptable. The day started with massive civil disobedience in Wall Streets and the protests were capped off by a rally and march over the Brooklyn Bridge by tens of thousands determined to take back and redistribute the wealth of this country to those who created it - the 99%.


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